choose your Lenses.

There are three categories of lenses, from the least dark to the most filtering.

Cat. 1 - light lenses, filter between 21% and 37% of the light that passes through them, perfect to use in any situation thanks to the UV 380 filter that guarantees maximum protection from the most harmful light radiation. Not recommended in the presence of strong light (for example on ski slopes).

Cat. 2 - semi-dark lenses, filter between 38% and 72% of the light that passes through them, suitable for intense sunny days.

Cat. 3 - dark lenses, filter between 73% and 92% of the light that passes through them, excellent for those with particular eye sensitivity and suffering from excessive light conditions.

Each Averau® lens mounts a particular filter called UV 380 which shields the solar radiation most harmful and annoying to the human eye, namely ultraviolet rays, characterized by a wavelength of less than 380-400 nm. For those wishing to deepen the study of the phenomenon, it is advisable to visit the following link.