handmade in Cadore.

Osvaldo Montresor - The artisan


in the haert of Dolomites

An art is disappearing: in the last few decades craftmans have been overtaken by the technological progression of the industries, only a small percentage of them keep passing their crafting skills to their sons and daughters in order to keep the traditions going. The unbeateable quality and uniquness of a handmade product are the very reasons why  Averau® puts the production of their glasses in the skilled hands of a craftman’s laboratory based in cadore, in the heart of the dolomites.

a matter of Quality

First class materials: Averau’s frames are created with cellulose acetate, a polimer made mainly by cotton fiber. Thanks to the incredible properties of this very material, Averau’s sunglasses  feel very light and durable allowing an elevated degree of comfort to whoever whears them. We also use lenses that are created by a specialized firm also based in Cadore, that offer protection against UV rays, the harmful portion of the direct exposure to sunlight.