passion in every Detail.

From design to delivery, through to manufacturing and packaging, we at Averau® put passion into everything we do.

After careful research, we have selected the best cellulose acetate sheets from which to make our glasses: the material, produced by Mazzucchelli 1849, has a remarkable mechanical resistance combined with incredible lightness, characteristics that make Averau® glasses pleasantly wearable and durable over time.

A few steps from our craftsman's laboratory, the company that supplies us with sun lenses is based which, despite the fact that they may seem clear (and therefore not very protective), thanks to innovative processing techniques and some avant-garde treatments, guarantee a complete protection from ultraviolet rays (UV 380), the most annoying and harmful light radiation for the human eye.

The Averau® case, cloth and packaging are supplied by Italian companies.

Our goal is not just to offer a superior quality product, we at Averau® want to be able to offer you the best service, without compromise.
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