take care of your Glasses.

Averau® glasses are designed and built to last, to maximize their life, however, it is important to take care of them.

First, when storing your glasses, always put them in the protective case to prevent the lenses from being scratched or the rods to become distorted.

When cleaning the lenses make sure that there are no grains of sand or other small bodies on the surface of the lens, in case there were rinse them with running water before rubbing with the cloth.
The same is true if your glasses have come into contact with sea water (salt deposits could scratch the lenses, so they need to be rinsed first).
Clean the lenses only with glasses cloth.

It is a good habit to clean your glasses once every one or two weeks, to do so just wash them with water and neutral soap.
It is very important not to dry them with rough towels that could scratch the lenses.

A more durable product is more environmentally friendly.